After working a few years in a "corporate" company, the desire to change to something new is normal.
If engaging with a startup seems appealing to you, it is for good reasons:
- It's inspiring. A startup is a team at the service of a mission whose meaning speaks to you.
- It's challenging. The mission of a startup never change, but the way it works can vary, depending on your discoveries.
- It's a human oriented organization ! The way you work is adapted to your lifestyle. Intense but flexible. What counts is the result. Nothing else


Startups recruit

In a few years, the startups have changed our daily lives and questioned our way of seeing the world. Whether they are local or foreign, when these companies are successful, they face a major problem: finding talented people to grow together. It is for this reason that Lion has taken to heart the mission of selecting and training la crème de la crème.
As you know, the potential unicorns in Israel is very high. It is therefore the right timing to join them, it is time to learn the know-how and the culture that will be expected.  


Best speakers are entrepreneurs or startups employees 

Recent experiences of startups are shared in Lion. The key employees of Airbnb, Amazon, DeepInsctinct, but also the founders of SimilarWeb, Swayy or Trusk are happy to share their know-how and execution secrets.
You do not need to have a previous startup experience to understand the courses, in Lion, every session plunges you into the daily life of the startup, as if you were already employees ready to answer the given challenges.
No course can be filmed or recorded. The information given is strategic, which makes the content exclusive. These contents are reserved for the students' learning, they allow them to respond in a relevant way to the challenges launched by the teachers.

Second season #Wintersession of Lions in Paris

Second season #Wintersession of Lions in Paris


SELECTIVE, FREE, EVERY Friday in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

No prerequisite required, selection is based on 3 criteria: motivation, experience and potential. Only 8% of the candidates are selected. The course covers all you need to know about the startup culture and offers specializations tailored to your preferences, throughout the program.
100 lions get together for a complete program. From culture to techniques to be operational from the Day 1 in a startup, you learn and practice intensively in order to join a startup or deepen your skills.

The dates of the next season:
*** From today to Sept 1st: Online registration, button "Apply"
*** From Sept 1st to Sept 15th: Interviews in Tel Aviv / Online of 15 min
*** From Sept 15th to Oct : Courses every Friday from 10am to 4pm at Herzl 16, Tel Aviv and Beit Alliance in Jerusalem