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Lion selects its teachers from entrepreneurs and startup employees, based on 3 criteria:
Each class is exclusively designed for the Lions School. Entrepreneurs provide a study case for students based on their own real life experiences.

We strive to continually bring you the best and most up to date material. To ensure that we provide the highest quality classes, a satisfaction survey is distributed at the end of every class.


✅ Challenging study cases
✅ Related and stimulating content to understand tips & tricks
✅ Speakers are entrepreneurs & employees coming from the most successful startups


All the aspects of startups are treated : Mindset, Money, Operations, Biz Dev, Growth, Dev, Product. You can choose your preferences & specializations.



How to choose your startups ?
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The Startup market in Israel
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Get shit done !
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Art of the opportunity
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The strength to say NO
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Dont be afraid
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Culture at Gett
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Execution for dummies
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In startups, the process requires a counter intuitive logic sometimes. Indeed, you put all your trust in your partner without evidence a product can be launched, before it even exists. We ignore the competition and we are only focused to optimize our impact

What will you learn ?
✨ Detecting market opportunities for startups
✨ Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a startup
✨ Identifing skills that will be useful
✨ Finding solutions when there are few resources
✨ Making decisions quickly under stress
✨ Unlearning political tactics in corporation, getting the culture of results
✨ Learning how to organize one's time according to one's objectives
✨ Seeking criticism, accept it and know how to give it a go
✨ Juggling between creativity and execution
✨ Practicing transparency in internal and external communication



The employee, an investor
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Money, Money, Money
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Cash Is King
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Suppliers as an extended team
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Learning to negotiate
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When you are joining a startup, you have a huge level of ambition with very few means. This creates a tension. This tension can be terrific if you know how to control it. The daily management of the ca$h determines the survival of the startup. In this section you will learn how to sell like a ninja.

What will you learn ?

✨ Discern the bad financial signals of a startup
✨ Negotiate salary and shareholdings
✨ Evaluate the growth potential of a startup
✨ Calculate the valuation of a startup
✨ Manage treasury and working capital requirements
✨ Learning to align the interests of key partners
✨ Identify negotiating levers with partners



The power of the community
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Events at Meetic
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Choose your battles
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Manage freelancers
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Outstanding customer experience
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"DO THINGS THAT DO NOT SCALE", is the startup golden rule. All discoveries are the results of your daily contact and experience  you have done with your target. Mastering the art of operational organisation will help you adjust your intuition and win legitimately.

What will you learn ?

✨ Organize an event from A to Z
✨ Transform thousands of people into fans
✨ Identify & process the key factors of care
✨ Lead a team with unequal commitments
✨ Offer an unforgettable customer experience

✅ No prerequisites required

Biz Dev


Selling to large accounts
Become a BizDev Ninja
Getting off the ground
Lead generation 101
Automating its lead generation

Unlike in a traditional company the sales departement has to work on a sales cycle before the product is actually finished. From understanding needs to prospecting thousand of customers, you must learn to listen, understand and bring stars to your users' eyes.

What will you learn ?

✨ Reversing a balance of power in your favor
✨ Organize a step-by-step sales process
✨ Getting started outside the online
✨ Targeting and closing leads


✅ No prerequisites required



Define a strategy of growth hacking
The best tools of the Growth Hacker
Expansion, Content driven
Content Writing
Key Metrics
 by Yoann Assayag, Google.
Analytics and Amplitude
Google Adwords
Facebook Ads
Euro zero growth

Growth Hacking is a discipline that allows marketing, programming and automation. No acquisition campagin can improve constantly without any measuring analysis of data. No retention can be a relevant model without understanding the causes thereof.

What will you learn ?

✨ Establish a relevant research protocol and obtain answers to the hypotheses tested
✨ Become familiar with the most effective tools according to the experiences to be carried out
✨ Mix time: creativity of content strategies and analysis of results
✨ Implement and test analytics tools
✨ Manage online advertising campaigns
✨ Learn to find new hacks to grow faster
✨ Sharing data for other team members


🔥 Required code knowledge for some of the courses